Boat Haulout Contract

Haulout, Hardstand, Storage and Relaunching Acceptance Form


Permission to use photos of vessel for advertising:

Live Aboard (See Note 10):

Temp Import Entry:

Boat Construction:

Services Required:

Where did you hear about us:

  1. No responsibility for damage to underwater appendages
  2. Payment is required prior to launching
  3. Contract must be signed before boat is lifted
  4. Water blasting is to be performed on the wash down pad only
  5. No props, supports, wedges or means of cradling vessel to be removed or altered without specific yardman’s permission
  6. All owners or agents who sign this form shall have been deemed to have read the general terms and conditions prior to haul out
  7. Owners and listed crew to work on owners boat other than yard staff or Dockland 5 Marine Ltd contractors
  8. All sub traders to be approved prior to the commencement of any work
  9. Machinery and/or hand tools belonging to Dockland 5 Marine Ltd are not available to yard clients

No wet sanding other than on the wash down pad. NO EXCEPTIONS
Northern Regional Council Minimum Fine $1000.00

I have read the terms and conditions

I confirm I am authorised to enter into this contract